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Bitmax Solar Lights put in streets of Nairobi for Testing

A lady in her outdoor restaurant using Bitmax Solar Lights put in Kirinyaga road of Nairobi for Testing

These are our innovation & powerful Bitmax solar lighting solutions that we have put in the streets of Nairobi for Market testing. It assist MSEs continue with their economic activities during the night to earn more and better their livelihoods and create more job opportunities.


Africans aspire today


Our Vision

Our Vision ⇑

Our vision is to mobilize and empower small business community to adopt new modern bitmax solar lights solutions that allow them promote their products through advertisement. This will attract more customers coming from formal employment and earn extra income during the evening throughout the night till dawn fall, when fresh produce are arriving to the markets and thus creating a 24 hours economy.


Kerosene Lamps

Kerosene Lamps

Comparing two images above, the former uses clean energy, lithium cells, to radiate light while the latter uses non-renewable source of energy-kerosene.

After embracing this new concept that integrate use of green energy which is environmentally friendly, will economically empower them uplifting their standards of living.

The aspect of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and vision 2030 will be harmonized to drive the economic development within the trends of poverty reduction and enhance educational opportunities, health support and benefit humanity in a given locality. The country will look unique as show in the image below.

Marketing 24/7

Marketing 24/7