About Us

BITMAX SUPPLIES (k) Ltd is a local Kenyan company that is legally registered with the Kenyan authority and   registered in the year 2014 by a group of talented and youthful innovators who wanted to make a change in the community by addressing ENERGY – SOLUTIONS and contribute to the environmental management and protection. Click here for more information.


BITMAX SUPPLIES (K) LTD has innovated a solar table lamp specifically designed for small scale business community that empowers them through promotion of their wares to increase production and income for economic prosperity within the framework of vision 2030 and SDGs., for human advancement.


The project purpose is to mobilize the small entrepreneur to adopt the use of Bitmax solar lights and integrate the concept of green energy revolution that is environmentally friendly for poverty reduction and enhance education opportunities, health support and economic prosperity.


We aim to empower small business economically, promote capacity building programs, collaboration and networking with potential agencies willing to support alternative green lights technology innovation in Africa and beyond.


The light aim at advertising the trader’s wares thus also creating beautiful and secure streets, taking advantage of majority of people who are coming from work to buy from them in essence creating jobs and bringing a 24hrs economy to reality.


Bitmax Solar is all about the promotion of clean energy through the noble innovation of having a environmentally friendly solar lamp specifically designed to assist small traders earn extra income and propel economic development by developing the framework of 24 hours economy and SDGs by embracing the technology of green energy entrepreneurship activities .


In terms of piracy the project applications have been patented to lock out piracy and poachers.


The company is working with different community stakeholders with an aim of promoting bottom’s up approach in terms of empowerment and inclusion.


The above info has given our community organization a positive drive to our good model that is friendly to the environment and an alternative energy solution for the African communities the project applications and foundation has been build upon the objectives and vision and missions linked to the international treaties and conventions ratified by the world bodies –Vienna convention, Bamako initiative , UN chapter for the protection of forests DESTRUCTION, CANCUN CONFERENCE and the exploitation of alternative energy that is less destructive.


Our project objectives are linked to the above objectives and again in line with the vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals for a prosperous world. Click here for more information.


The proposed project will thrive to promote the use of green energy to both urban /and rural populations in Kenya and beyond.


Our project considers the populations isolated and neglected with regards to power connections hence doing small business become very hard.


The project seeks to get the momentum in terms of funding to get involved in the production and maintenance of solar lights in the under privileged community.


This initiative will again help in the protection and management of environment being destroyed by human actions.


Considering the big percentage of the population not employed, it is envisaged that development opportunities by creating employment there by reducing the matrix of poverty eradication.


But for the prosperity and sustainability it will intensify the efforts by building networks and collaboration with a view to getting the mold machine and materials for the success of the proposed project.


The small business community that is comprised of women, youth and minority groups shall be involved.


With support from the like minded organizations and partners, the project will put up a mini production unit for the production and supply of solar lights for economic prosperity and enhance social development security.


The project purpose is to mobilize the small  business community to adopt the use of solar light and embrace the concept of green energy revolution that is environmentally friendly , help protect the ozone layer and again to integrate the use of green energy into sustainable  development .


The aspect of SDGs and vision 2030 will be harmonized to drive the economic development within the trends of poverty reduction and enhance educational opportunities, health support and sustainability.


  • Production and marketing of BITMAX solar products to the small business community.
  • Conducting and promoting the use of alternative green energy for the benefit of humanity and environment.
  • Promoting networking and collaboration with the small business community and partners.
  • Conducts periodical presentations to individuals, companies and charity organizations within the use of solar power to mitigate the impact of deforestation.
  • Promote the use of BITMAX solar products to the youth and women groups and visiting church organizations ready to adopt similar programs.
  • Repair and assembling of computers and BITMAX solar items.
  • Conduct community health education and environmental protection and management systems.
  • Planting and distributing tree seedlings to the community and social development groups in the community.
  • Conducts community trainings about the use of solar lights and maintenance.


  • To produce and distribute friendly solar lights products to the community involved in small business in urban and rural areas.
  • To integrate the use of green energy technology revolution and enhance environmental protection and contribute to the protection of ozone layers in one way or the other.
  • To support the 24 hour economic activities of the small business community in urban and rural areas without interruptions.
  • To promote capacity building programs for the members and the small business community within the context of using and maintaining the solar lights products.
  • To promote collaboration and networking with potential agencies willing to support alternative green lights technology innovation in Africa and beyond.


  • To acquire one molding machine and Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) materials for the production of solar light materials for sustainable development
  • To acquire an assembly plant for job creation, training, innovations, and transfer of skills and technology.

  •  Protecting the Environment is Safeguarding Our Future.
  • Spectacular achievements is normally proceeded by unspectacular preparations.