Jane Mutheu Mutune, Research and Development

Jane Mutheu Mutune, Research and Development


Dr. Jane Mutheu Mutune is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with BSc in Agriculture, MSc Agricultural Economics and PhD Environmental Governance and Management. Dr. Mutune worked for the Ministry of Agriculture as a Crop Development officer (2006-2009). Her areas of expertise are Environment Governance, Forestry, Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods. Currently she is Lecturer in the University of Nairobi at the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies.


She has carried out substantial research and published in the field of popular participation for sustainable management of forest resources and livelihoods. I have a keen passion and interest in clean energy technologies for sustainable development.She is a team leader and possess professional research experience acquired in business consultancy areas of different organizations including government of Kenya.


She is also keen on openness and adaptable to change, focus on finding solutions, initiative, and capacity for taking decisions and conflict management. She has statistical competency in SPSS, STATA and Propensity Score Models that are handy in monitoring and evaluation particularly of natural resources. Her knowledge and expertise in Agricultural Economic and Environmental Governance are crucial in developing resilient livelihoods particularly through scientific monitoring and evaluation of forest resources for sustainable development.


She’s currently pursuing research in agricultural policy and practice particularly for women and youth in sustainable agriculture in collaboration with Lund University- AgriFoSe2030.

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